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1st Joint Public Affairs Unit - Iraq Deployment Patch (Locally made)



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Description: 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit - Iraq Deployment Patch (Locally made)

Condition: Mint

Comments: 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit - Iraq Deployment Patch (Locally made).

The 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit (1JPAU) provides the ADF with a tri-service, deployable tactical Public Affairs capability. 

The Military Camera Team (MCT), a three-person unit consisting of a Public Affairs Officer, videographer and photographer, is the core of the 1JPAU capability. The MCT often deploys with a military reporter from the Defence Service Newspapers. 
1JPAU, currently located in Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory, consists of four MCTs, a headquarters element of seven personnel and provides regular rotations of military photographers to Afghanistan to support the Mentoring Task Force and HQJTF633. 

  • Model: AM09347

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