Description: 10th Light Horse – Hat Badge

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Comments: 10th Light Horse – Hat Badge – Current issue. Complete with 2 pins.

The 10th Light Horse Regiment is a “light cavalry” regiment of the Australian Army Reserve, raised in Western Australia (WA).

While the name of the 10th Light Horse originated in the first months of World War I, the regiment also traces its ceremonial lineage to mounted infantry units of the Colonial militia of Western Australia, raised during the late 19th century, such as the Western Australian Mounted Infantry. Consequently its battle honours include: “South Africa” (Boer War) and; “Gallipoli”, “Gaza-Beersheba”, “Jerusalem”, “Megiddo” and “Damascus” (World War I).
At present four wheel drive Land Rovers and six wheel drive trucks, known as Interim Infantry Mobility Vehicles, comprise the regiment’s key operational vehicles. It is part of the 13th Brigade, a reserve formation encompassing most reserve personnel in WA and is based at Irwin Barracks, Karrakatta, where it consists of one squadron. Because of its operational role, the regiment’s administrative grouping is the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.