Description: 29th Battalion (The East Melbourne Regiment) – Oxidised and Enamel Collar Badge Pair – 1930 to 1942

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: 29th Battalion (The East Melbourne Regiment) – Oxidised Collar Badge Pair – 1930 to 1942. Complete with 2 lugs.

Guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Now scarce and highly desirable. Oxidised collars are more scarce and were only worn for a short period of time.

After the First World War the defence of the Australian mainland lay with the part-time soldiers of the Citizens Military Force (CMF), also known as the Militia. The Militia was organized to maintain the structure of the First AIF and kept the same numerical designations. The Militia units were distributed in the same areas the original AIF units were raised. Thus Melbourne’s 29th Infantry Battalion was the “East Melbourne Regiment”, while the 46th Infantry Battalion was the “Brighton Rifles”. Both battalions were raised in 1921. In 1930 the 29th was linked with the 22nd Infantry Battalion, forming the 29th/22nd. Although it was separated several years later, the 29th and 22nd maintained a close history, as both battalions and the 46th were part of the 4th Brigade and served together during the Second World War.