Description: Battledress Flash – NEW SOUTH WALES MOUNTED RIFLES

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Worn by the 6th New South Wales Mounted Rifles from 1956 to 1960 on battledress uniform.

The 6th New South Wales Mounted Rifles was a RAAC Regiment (and later an Infantry Battalion) that could trace its lineage back the the 6th Light Horse Regiment (NSW Mounted Rifles) of the First AIF.

In 1949, the Regiment was reformed from the 6th Motor Regiment (New South Wales Mounted Rifles) to become the 6th New South Wales Mounted Rifles and had depots in Western New South Wales.

Effective 1st July 1956, the regiment was transferred from the RAAC to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and become an Infantry Battalion. It became part of the Royal New South Wales Regiment as part of the Army’s restructure around 1960 and was eventually disbanded soon after.