Description: Lanyard – Australian Army – 12th/40th Battalion (Royal Tasmania Regiment) – Garter Blue/Black

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Lanyard – Australian Army – 12th/40th Battalion (Royal Tasmania Regiment). Worn on polyester uniform and battledress by 12/40 RTR soldiers.

The Royal Tasmania Regiment is a Reserve infantry regiment within the Australian Army consisting of a single battalion. Formed in 1960 following a review of military formations in Australia, the Regiment can trace its lineage back the late 19th Century and has served Australia in a number of conflicts including The Boer War, World War I and World War II. Today it serves as a part of the Australian Army’s 9th Brigade, 2nd Division.

The 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment, is part of 9 Brigade, with Battalion headquarters based at Derwent Barracks, Glenorchy, Alpha Company based in Launceston and Bravo Company at Warrane on Hobart’s Eastern Shore. The Battalion serves in the light infantry role as part of 2 Division, Australia’s main home defence formation.

The Unit is proud of its history within the 9th Brigade and 2nd Division for performing at a consistently high standard. This is supported by successes in past years in 9th Brigade and 2nd Division military skills competitions and strong showings on major Brigade activities. The participation rate of soldiers within major exercises is as high as any other unit and better than many other Army Reserve units nationally. Today the soldiers and officers of the 12th/40th Battalion have served overseas in the Solomon Islands under Operation Anode, Timor Leste under Operation Astute, Iraq and the Middle East under Operation Catalyst and Afghanistan under Operation Slipper as part of larger contingents.

The Battalion wears a blue and black lanyard, which comes from its links to the 12th and 40th Battalions. However, the unit’s colour patch is that of the 12th Battalion, 1st Australian Imperial Force, which is white over sky blue. The regiment holds the colours of both the 12th and 40th Battalions. The Honorary Colonel of the Regiment is His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania.