Description: RAN Tally Band – HMAS Quadrant – circa 1940/50s

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Condition: Very Good

Comments: Royal Australian Navy – Tally Band – HMAS Quadrant – circa 1940/50s.

HMAS Quadrant (G11/D11/F01), named for the navigational instrument, was a Q class destroyer operated by the Royal Navy as HMS Quadrant (G67/D17) during World War II, and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from from 1945 to 1957. The ship was built during the early 1940s as one of the War Emergency Programme destroyers, and entered service in 1942.

During World War II, Quadrant served as a convoy escort in the Arctic, South Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, and operated with the British Eastern and British Pacific Fleets. At the war’s end, the ship was decommissioned and transferred to the RAN, which operated her for two years before placing her in reserve. In 1950, the ship was docked for conversion into an anti-submarine frigate. Quadrant was recommissioned in 1953, and operated with the RAN until 1957, when she was paid off. The ship was sold for breaking in 1963.