Description: Royal New South Wales Regiment hat badge – Anodised

Maker’s Name: Swann & Hudson

Condition: Very Good Plus

Comments: Royal New South Wales Regiment hat badge – Anodised

The Royal New South Wales Regiment (RNSWR) is a reserve infantry regiment of the Australian Army based in the state of New South Wales. The regiment consists of four battalions:

* 1st/19th Battalion
* 2nd/17th Battalion
* 4th/3rd Battalion
* 41st Battalion

The regiment was formed in 1960 as a result of the amalgamation of all the Citizen’s Military Force infantry battalions in NSW. The New South Wales Regiment was formed from ten individual regiments:

* City of Sydney’s Own Regiment
* New South Wales Scottish Regiment
* North Shore Regiment
* Newcastle Regiment
* Macquarie Regiment
* 6th New South Wales Mounted Rifles
* St George Regiment
* Illawarra Regiment
* Werriwa Regiment
* Australian Rifles

The regiment was formed with a total of three battalions: the 1st Battalion (Commando) was formed from the 1st Infantry Battalion (City of Sydney’s Own Regiment), which was the only unit transferred intact to a new state regiment. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions were formed through the amalgamation of the remaining battalions, which were reduced to company size. The expansion of the reserve force in 1965 saw a further three battalions raised (4th, 17th, 41st), with the 19th Battalion formed in 1966. A year after that, the 1st Battalion was reduced to a company, which was amalgamated with the 19th Battalion in 1971. Further amalgamations in 1987 led to the formation of the regiment as it is today. Today, the regiment provides two battalions each to 5th Brigade and 8th Brigade in 2nd Division.