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Colour Patch - 6th Machine Gun Battalion - 1943 to 1944



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Description: Colour Patch - 6th Machine Gun Battalion - 1943 to 1944

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Colour Patch - 6th Machine Gun Battalion.

Reference - KG 1031

The 6th Machine Gun Battalion was a battalion of the Australian Army that was raised for service during World War II. A Militia unit, it was formed in New South Wales in 1942 and completed training around Wollongong and Shellharbour.

Equipped with Vickers medium machine guns, in mid-1943, the battalion deployed to New Guinea where they were assigned in support of the 7th Division, taking part in the Markham and Ramu Valley – Finisterre Range campaign, being flown from Port Moresby to Gusap to provide protection to the airfield there.

The battalion was disbanded in December 1944, and its personnel, many of whom had volunteered to serve with the Second Australian Imperial Force, were sent as reinforcements to other units, including the 2/24th Infantry Battalion, seeing further action on Tarakan.

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