Description: 10th Battalion (Adelaide Rifles) – Oxidised hat badge (1930-42)

Maker’s Name: Unknown

Condition: Very Good Plus

Comments: 10th Battalion (Adelaide Rifles) – Oxidised hat badge (1930-42). Complete with 2 lugs.

Only worn between 1940 and 1942.

The 10th Battalion as disbanded shortly after World War I, although some of its personnel were used to raise the Adelaide-based 1st Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment, which was a part time unit of the Citizens Force (later known as the Militia). This unit drew its lineage from the 78th Infantry Regiment, which could trace its lineage back to 1854 when two battalions of the Adelaide Rifles were formed. Later, in 1921, when the AIF was officially disbanded and the part time military forces were reorganised to perpetuate the AIF’s numerical designations, the 10th Battalion was re-raised in its own right in Adelaide drawing personnel from the 2nd Battalions of the 10th, 32nd and 50th Infantry Regiments. At this time they were allocated to the 3rd Brigade, which was part of the 4th Military District.

The battalion received a King’s Colour in 1925 in recognition of its service during World War I. Two years later, in 1927, territorial titles were introduced and the battalion assumed the designation of “The Adelaide Rifles”. The motto Pro Patria was adopted at this time. In 1930, amidst the austerity of the Great Depression and following the election of the Scullin Labor government and the subsequent suspension of the compulsory training scheme, the decision was made to amalgamate the battalion due to a decline in the numbers of volunteers. At this time it was merged with the 50th Battalion, with whom they had a shared history, to become the 10th/50th Battalion. Again, they were assigned to the 3rd Brigade.

These battalions remained linked until 1936 when, in response to fears of a possible war in Europe following the reoccupation of the Rhineland, it was decided to expand the size of the Militia. As a result, on 1 October 1936 the 10th/50th Battalion was split and the 10th Battalion was re-raised as a separate unit. At the outbreak of World War II, the battalion was part of the 3rd Brigade and assigned to the 4th Military District. They were later mobilised and undertook garrison duties in Australia; after the 3rd Brigade was attached to the Northern Territory Force, the 10th Battalion was sent to Darwin to defend the port against a possible Japanese invasion. They remained there until 27 August 1942 when personnel shortages that had come about due to an overmobilisation of the Australian military resulted in the amalgamation of a number of Militia units. The 10th was subsequently joined with the 48th Battalion to form the 10th/48th Battalion. This battalion was itself disbanded in August 1945.