Description: 28th Commonwealth Brigade Patch – 28 ANZUK (2nd Pattern)

Condition: Very Good

Comments: 28th Commonwealth Brigade Patch – 28 ANZUK (2nd Pattern). This is the later pattern worn by Australians in Malaya and Singapore. 

The Brigade was reformed on 16 September 1955 in Malaya, formed from a combination of forces from Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

The formation was now air portable and named the 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group, its main elements were three infantry battalions from Australia, Britain and New Zealand and a British field artillery regiment with an Australian battery. The Brigade’s operational role was as the ‘Immediate Reaction Force’ for SEATO. It was stationed in a new camp at Terandak, near Malacca in Malaysia. On 31 October 1971 the Brigade ceased to exist. However, its demise was painless and involved a mere change of name and location. On 1 November 1971 the Brigade became 28 ANZUK Infantry Brigade and was located on the northern side of Singapore Island. The brigade disbanded in 1974.