Description: 51st Battalion (The Far North Queensland Regiment) – Brass Hat Badge

Maker’s Name: Stokes

Condition: Very Good

Comments: 51st Battalion (The Far North Queensland Regiment) – Brass Hat Badge.

The 51st Battalion, FNQR was raised again in 1950, this time being presented with colours containing the battle honours of its predecessor units. In 1960, following a reorganisation of the Army along Pentropic lines,  the regiment was amalgamated yet again, with the 31st Battalion, Kennedy Regiment, and the 42nd Battalion, Capricornia Regiment, to become the 2nd Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment. This lasted five years, until the Citizens Military Force was reorganised again the 2nd Battalion was split into it components, with the 51st becoming 51st Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment. A further reorganisation saw the number of battalions reduced; this led to the 51st becoming a single company known as the 51st Independent Rifle Company, Royal Queensland Regiment, in 1976.

A scarce and highly desirable badge.