Description: 7th/21st Australian Horse – White Metal Opposing Collar Badge pair 1953 – 57

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Condition: Very Good

Comments: 7th/21st Australian Horse – White Metal Opposing Collar Badge pair 1953 – 57.

One of the scarcest badges to an RAAC Regiment.

The 7/21st Australian Horse was a RAAC reconnaissance regiment that was raised in 1948 and was disbanded in September 1957. It was know initially as the 7th/21st Reconnaissance Regiment (Australian Horse).

In 1948, the Regiment was reformed as the 7th/21st Australian Horse, a Citizens Military Force (CMF) armoured unit for the reconnaissance role, equipped with Staghound Armoured Cars and Canadian Scout Cars. Regimental HQ was in Cootamundra, with the squadrons based as follows:

    * HQ Squadron – Cootamundra, Temora
    * A Squadron – Wagga Wagga; detachment formed by 1953 at Tumut
    * B Squadron – Leeton, Griffith; moved by 1953 to Junee
    * C Squadron – Young, Tumut; detachment formed by 1953 at Cowra and Tumut detachment transferred to A Squadron

The introduction of National Service in Australia in 1951 led to the strength of the Regiment being considerably increased due to large intakes of National Service soldiers: the strength rose from approximately 140 active members (volunteers) in 1950 to approximately 1300, in 1956.

In 1953 the unit was re-roled as an anti-tank Regiment and equipped with 6 pdr anti-tank guns. The Regiment was disbanded on 14th September 1957 with the units personnel being absorbed into the 4th Battalion (later 4/3 RNSWR). The Guidon of the 7th Light Horse was laid up in St Saviour’s Church, Goulburn.