Description: Army Apprentice School – Hat Badge

Maker’s Name: Swann and Hudson

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Army Apprentice School – Hat Badge – Anodised – Complete with 2 pins.

The scheme had its roots at Balcombe Barracks in Victoria, in about 1948, but eventually moved to Latchford Barracks, Bonegilla, in northern Victoria. The apprentice scheme gave birth to a number of unofficial customs, such as Crab Night, and had a language of its own – odd, or even intakes and sproggs (first-year Appy) to name but a few. The apprentice scheme has also seen many of its former members rise to prominence across all ranks and corps of the Australian Army.

About the badge:

The Cross which forms the spokes of the wheel (the basis of the badge) represents, the Christian virtues and the development of character. The Torch of Learning, which is superimposed upon the Cross, represents that desire to go on learning, which it should be the aim of every School to implant in the hearts and minds of all its sons. The Crossed Swords remind us, as soldiers, of the military qualities of Courage and Discipline and the importance of a high standard of Physical Fitness. The Wheel, of course, represents the trade and technical training carried out at the School, whilst the Crown expresses Loyalty to Queen and Country (and therefore to superiors and comrades alike) and Devotion to Duty.

Now scarce.