Description: Australian Army – 10th/27th Battalion (The Royal South Australia Regiment) Stable Belt – Circa 1980s.

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Australian Army – 10th/27th Battalion (The Royal South Australia Regiment) Stable Belt – Circa 1980s. No size label – appears small.

The Royal South Australia Regiment is a reserve light infantry regiment of the Australian Army consisting of a single battalion, the 10th/27th Battalion (10/27 RSAR), part of the 9th Brigade, 2nd Division.

The first soldiers to arrive in South Australia were Royal Marines who accompanied the first boats of white settlers to South Australia in 1836. Of the 26 Royal Marines who arrived, 24 settled in South Australia. It was thought necessary for the colony of South Australia to possess its own defence force, since it was so remote from the eastern states colonies and more so as a direct result of three Russian warships sailing in Gulf St Vincent in 1854. Training for the local militia force began in late 1854 and, by 2 August 1855, after just 36 days part-time training, the unit was deemed ‘trained’. The two battalions that resulted were disbanded in 1856, probably, due to the conclusion of the Crimean War in Russia. 
The ‘Adelaide Rifles’ were re-formed in 1859 with 14 companies. By late 1860 it had grown to 45 Companies and 2000 militia. During the period from 1860 to 1901, numerous reorganisations, raising and disbanding of battalions and regiments occurred until the 10th Australian Infantry Regiment was raised on Federation. The two World Wars saw the raising, amongst others, of the 10th and 27th Battalion Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) and 2/10th and 2/27th Battalion AIF. During the inter-war years both the 10th and 27th Battalion continued variously as individual battalions or linked with other South Australian battalions of the AIF. 
August 1938, saw the formation of 27th Battalion South Australian (Scottish) Regiment (SA(S)R). The SA(S)R was given the right to wear the Mackenzie Seaforth Tartan Scottish dress (which was later carried over into ‘A’ Coy, Mount Gambier to represent the unit’s Scottish heritage, and is currently worn be members of ‘A’ Coy, 10/27 RSAR who parade at Mount Gambier). 
In 1960, The Regiment was renamed 1st Battalion, The Royal South Australia Regiment, bringing it in line with the other State and National regiments. On 1 July 1965, the Regiment was reformed as two battalions, taking their names from the battalions that formed the regiment; the 10th and 27th. On 29 November 1987, the 10th and 27th battalions were linked to form the 10th/27th Battalion, Royal South Australia Regiment, the Regiment’s current title. 
Recently members of 10th/27th Battalion, The Royal South Australia Regiment have deployed individually and as force elements to East Timor and the Solomon Islands. 
The motto of the 10th/27th Battalion, The Royal South Australia Regiment is ‘Pro Patria’, which is Latin for ‘For Country’.