Description: Parachute Training School Patch.

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Comments: Parachute Training School Patch.

The Parachute Training School (PTS) is located in Nowra, NSW, at HMAS Albatross. PTS provides the Australian Defence Force with training all areas of personnel parachuting.

The mission of PTS is to train members of the ADF and other authorised personnel to parachute, and to develop parachute doctrine and equipment to meet Army’s needs, now and in the future.

PTS conducts a wide range of training including:
Static Line – typically used for massed insertion; it involves paratroopers hooking onto a strong point in the aircraft, jumping from altitudes between 800 and 1000 ft and descending under a symmetrical canopy onto land or into water.

Military Free Fall – normally involves highly-qualified paratroopers exiting from an aircraft at up to 12,000ft and going into free fall in a team formation before opening their own parachutes at a designated altitude then flying as a team to a target.

High Altitude Parachute Operations – involve teams descending with oxygen from up to 25,000 ft.
The School maintains one of the best safety records in the world with close to 500,000 descents without a student fatality.

Military parachuting is open to all Corps’ soldiers with a demonstrable requirement in a parachute unit or parachute role. The Parachute Training School employs instructors from these backgrounds and members of the following specialist Army trades:
• Parachute Rigger
• Air Dispatcher
• Commando
• Special Air Service Trooper
• Special Operations Engineer Regiment Sapper