Description: Australian Army Survey Corps – Single Brass Collar Badge – 1930-42

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Comments: Australian Army Survey Corps – Brass Collar Badge – 1930-42.

The Royal Australian Survey Corps (RASvy) was a Corps of the Australian Army that was formed on 1 July 1915 and disbanded on 1 July 1996.

The outbreak of World War 1 did not, at first, seriously affect the work of the members of the section as an embargo was placed on their enlistment in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF).

On 3 July 1915, ten weeks after the landings at Gallipoli, Military Order 396 of 1915 promulgated that His Excellency the Governor-General has been pleased to approve of:

‘A Corps to be called the Australian Survey Corps being raised as a unit of the Permanent Military Forces. All officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men now serving in the Survey Section of the Royal Australian Engineers being transferred to the Australian Survey Corps with their present ranks and seniority.’

The Australian Survey Corps was placed fourth in the Order of Precedence of Corps after the Royal Australian Engineers.