Description: Australian Army – The Royal Queensland Regiment Stable Belt – Circa 1980s.

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Australian Army – The Royal Queensland Regiment Stable Belt – Circa 1980s. Size is medium.

The Royal Queensland Regiment (RQR) is a reserve light infantry formation in the Australian Army based in Queensland.

The regiment currently consists of three battalions:

 * 9th Battalion (9 RQR)
* 25th/49th Battalion (25/49 RQR)
* 31st/42nd Battalion (31/42 RQR)

The RQR was formed in 1960 as part of the reorganisation of the Citizen’s Militia Force, which saw all CMF battalions in each state amalgamated into state regiments. Initially, the regiment simply had a 1st and 2nd Battalion. However, to perpetuate the old battalions of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force, the two battalions were renumbered as the 9th Battalion and 31st Battalion. Three further battalions (25th, 42nd and 51st) were formed in 1965, with the 49th Battalion formed a year later. In 1985, the 51st Battalion was separated from the rest of the Royal Queensland Regiment and reformed as the 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment, while the 25th and 49th Battalions were amalgamated into a single battalion in 1997. The 31st and 42nd Battalions were amalgamated in 2008.