Description: Barracks Patch – 12th/40th Battalion (Royal Tasmania Regiment)

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – 12th/40th Battalion (Royal Tasmania Regiment). Complete with velcro. Older version with black edge.

The Royal Tasmania Regiment is a reserve infantry regiment within the Australian Army consisting of a single battalion; 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment (12/40 RTR).

The 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment (12/40 RTR) was raised on the 1st of December 1987 after the amalgamation of a number of units within Tasmania. The Unit’s lineage can be traced back to 1878 when the Tasmanian Volunteer Rifle Regiment was formed in Tasmania. Since this time, elements which have provided the grounding for today’s Unit have fought with distinction throughout the world; from the Boer War and through both World Wars.

The current Regiment has evolved since that time, albeit under a variety of titles and organisations. The Battalion currently consists of two training companies; A Company in the north draws its heritage from the 12th and 2/12th Battalions, Australian Imperial Force (AIF) while B Company in the south draws its lineage from the 40th and 2/40th Battalions, AIF. Each is based on a rifle company structure with a platoon for recruits, Reserve Response Force and High Readiness Reserve components respectively depending on each individual member’s level of training and experience. Headquarter’s Company, located in the South, consists of the unit headquarters and the combat service support elements of the unit. At present, 12/40 RTR is the largest unit within Tasmania with arguably the greatest span of influence across the state.