Description: Barracks Patch – 1st Intelligence Battalion.

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – 1st Intelligence Battalion – Complete with velcro backing.

1st Intelligence Battalion (1 Int Bn) is an Army unit of the Australian Army Intelligence Corps. 1st Intelligence Battalion is a part of the 6th Brigade (CS&ISTAR).

The role of the 1st Intelligence Battalion is to provide deployable specialist intelligence operations support to the ADF and security intelligence support to Army.

The role of the Australian Intelligence Staff is to provide the intelligence support required by commanders and staffs at all levels of command.  No successful operation can be planned or conducted until sufficient information has been obtained on an adversary and the prevailing conditions have been analysed by intelligence staff.

There are three levels of intelligence: strategic, operational and tactical. Strategic intelligence is concerned with military and economic capabilities of foreign nations. Operational intelligence is concerned with the potential military operations in a theatre level conflict whilst tactical intelligence is concerned with producing intelligence on an adversaries’ organisation, capabilities, tactics and intentions and the geography of the battlefield.