Description: BBarracks Patch – 1st Psychology Unit (Superceded).

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – 1st Psychology Unit (Superceded). Complete with velcro.

1st Psychology Unit (1 Psych Unit) is an Army unit of the Australian Army Psychology Corps. 1st Psychology Unit is a part of the 17th Combat Services Support Battalion.
The role of 1st Psychology Unit is to provide psychological support to land-based force elements during joint, combined and whole of government operations.
1st Psychology Unit is an integrated Regular Army and Army Reserve unit which is under command of 17th Combat Service Support Brigade. 
During the last decade, psychology services have been embedded within Forces Command units other than 1 Psych Unit, including the Health Support Battalions and Combat Services Support Battalions.
Australian Army Psychology Corps has provided psychological support to deployed personnel since Australian soldiers served in Vietnam. For example, psychological support has been available for personnel deployed to Somalia, Rwanda, Bougainville, East Timor, Diego Garcia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Middle East Area of Operations and Sumatra.
In addition, 1 Psych Unit has deployed a number of Psychological Support Teams to provide psychological support in reaction to emergencies in overseas locations (e.g. avalanche accident in Nepal, tsunami in Papua New Guinea) and in support of Service Assisted Evacuations of Australian nationals (e.g. Operation Bali Assist).
The motto of 1st Psychology Unit is ‘Trustworthiness, Sincerity, Courage’.