Description: Barracks Patch – 23rd Field Regiment.

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – 23rd Field Regiment. Complete with velcro backing.

The 23rd Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (23 Regt, RAA) is a reserve unit attached to the 5th Brigade. The Regiment provides the close integral fire support to units of the Brigade and coordinates the delivery of all joint fires and effects assets available to the Brigade.

The Regiment currently operates the L119 Hamel 105mm Howitzer and employs the latest ‘state of the art’ gunnery computers and targeting aids. 23 Regt, RAA has depots located in Kogarah, Sutherland, Holsworthy and Canberra.

23 Regt, RAA traces its origins from July 1940, during World War II (WWII.) It was at this time that volunteers were sought to man a newly created unit, the 2nd/3rd Anti-Tank Regiment. During WW II the unit served in Palestine, North Africa, New Guinea and Borneo.

The Regiment was re-raised in July 1948 as a Commonwealth Military Forces (CMF) unit and re-titled the 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.

In 1951 the Regiment’s role was changed to field artillery, which also involved another change in name to the 3rd Light Regiment, RAA. A further name change occurred in 1956 when 3rd Light Regiment became 23rd Light Regiment and a year later was re-equipped with 25 pounder guns. The name then changed to the title of 23rd Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.

Since then, the unit has retained a field artillery role and in 1965 the unit re-quipped to 105mm gun howitzers. In 1990 (the Regiment’s 50th anniversary year), the unit’s main armament changed to the current 105mm Hamel Gun L119, which is based on the British Light Gun. In 2011 the regiment was retitled as 23 Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.