Description: Barracks Patch – 5th/6th Battalion (Royal Victoria Regiment)

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – 5th/6th Battalion (Royal Victoria Regiment). Complete with velcro.

The 5th/6th Battalion (“5/6 RVR”) is one of two battalions of the Royal Victoria Regiment, and is an infantry battalion of the Australian Army Reserve. The battalion can trace its lineage back to many units that existed prior to Federation, as well as units that fought during World War I and World War II and the battalion carries the battle honours of these units as a mark of respect. Today 5/6 RVR is part of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Division and is based at various depots around Melbourne, Victoria. Recently, members from the battalion have been involved in deployments to the Middle East, East Timor, the Solomon Islands and Malaysia as part of Rifle Company Butterworth.