Description: Barracks Patch – 8th Signals Regiment (Current issue).

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Comments: Barracks Patch – 8th Signals Regiment (Current issue). Complete with velcro.

8th Signals Regiment (8 Sig Regt) is an Army Reserve Signal Regiment of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RA Sigs) and is a direct command unit of the 2nd Division.

The role of 8 Sig Regt is to provide the Communications and Administrative Support to the Commander 2nd Division and his staff for the Command and Control of the division.

The origins of the 8 Sig Regt can be traced back to the 2nd Divisional Signal Company, which was raised in July 1915 in Egypt amidst World War One. The role of the unit in World War One was very similar to the role of the unit today.

The unit has existed as the 8 Sig Regt since January 1966, when it was the only Commonwealth Military Forces (CMF) regiment in Eastern Command. In 1970, 155th Signal Squadron was raised from all CMF units and placed under the command of 8th Signal Regiment.

On 1st July 1975, the unit was disbanded and replaced by 142nd Signal Squadron which became known as the Army Reserve signal squadron as a result of the Miller Report.

8th Signal Regiment was re-raised in December 1987 following the review on the role and organisation of the Army Reserve, establishing itself as the premier force in the training and administration of Army Reserve soldiers.

The unit was located to Lidcombe with Trunk Squadron, Operational Support Squadron and Administration Squadron. In addition, one squadron was raised at Penrith (Rear Divisional Signal Squadron) and one in Canberra (Main Divisional Signal Squadron).

Later the unit was to re-locate to Randwick Barracks to take on the role of supporting Headquarters 2nd Division. From there, 155th Signal Squadron was re-raised from elements of 8th Signal Squadron to provide support to 8th Brigade at Timor Barracks in Dundas. Main Divisional Signal Squadron was to undergo a change as well. Its name was changed to reflect its role, and it became the Communications Information Systems (CIS) Squadron.

In November 2006, 142nd and 155th Signal Squadrons were allocated as sub units to 8th Signal Regiment and CIS Signal Squadron was re-named 143rd Signal Squadron.

At present, the unit has four sub- units: 142nd Signal Squadron, 143rd Signal Squadron, 155th Signal Squadron and Operational Support Squadron.