Description: Barracks Patch – HQ Special Operations Command.

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – HQ Special Operations Command. Complete with velcro.

The Special Operations Command mission is to provide ready and relevant forces to conduct special operations across the operational domain in a joint, combined or interagency environment, in support of Australia’s national interests.
Special Operations Command is made up of the following units:
Special Operations Headquarters
Special Air Service Regiment
1st Commando Regiment
2nd Commando Regiment
Special Operations Engineer Regiment
Special Operations Logistics Squadron
Special Forces Training Centre
Parachute Training School.
With its origins in the Directorate Special Action Forces—Army created and, later, Headquarters Special Forces, in 2003 the Australian Government directed the establishment of a Special Operations Command. The new Special Operations Command would be equal in status to Maritime, Land and Air Commands, in order to enhance Australia’s ability to use non-conventional war fighting means to respond to the asymmetric threat of terrorism.