Description: Barracks Patch – Queensland University Regiment (Older issue)

Condition: Mint

Comments: Barracks Patch – Queensland University Regiment (Older issue). Complete with velcro.

The Queensland University Regiment (QUR) is an officer training unit of the Australian Army Reserve, based on the campus of the University of Queensland at St Lucia, Brisbane. North Queensland Company (NQC) is a sub-unit of the regiment and is based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville.

Queensland University Regiment was originally a University Detachment formed in 1932 by two graduates who were then officers of the 15th Battalion (the Oxley Regiment). Prior to 1928, university graduates had to undertake compulsory training in the Civilian Military Forces (CMF). That form of training however did not consider the competing requirements of those students undergoing university study and examinations and that of the CMF.

The University of Queensland could not raise enough men to form a complete unit, as the total enrolment of the university was only several hundred. In 1933 the Army gave approval for the inclusion, within existing militia units, of university sub-units which could retain their own identity, undertake their own training and be commanded by university men. Thus the first university platoon was attached to the 9th/15th Battalion (Moreton and Oxley Regiment). It is interesting to note that although that they were the University Detachment they wore the colour patch of the parent unit.

In May 1948 Queensland University Regiment was formed, initially as an independent company sized unit and then in 1950 as an infantry battalion. It was not until 1962 that the Regiment commenced officer training for other CMF units in the South-East Queensland area. This dual role remained in place for 30 years when in 1992 the Unit’s role became solely officer training. In 1997 the last Officer Cadets from the Regiment graduated into the Army Reserve as Second Lieutenants. All part-time officers are now RMC-A graduates.