Description: Battledress Flash – 10 Light Horse.

Condition: Very Good Plus

Comments: Worn by the 10th Light Horse after 1960 on battledress uniform.

The Australian 10th Light Horse Regiment is a regiment of the Australian Army. Part of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, the regiment is part of the army reserve. The regiment is one of the oldest in Australia, being formed in 1900 as the Western Australia Mounted Infantry. In 1903, following the end of the Second Boer War, the 18th Australian Light Horse was formed from the mounted infantry, being renamed as the 25th Light Horse in 1912, part of the Citizens Military Force.

In 1914, on the outbreak of the First World War, the 10th Light Horse Regiment was raised as an infantry unit, to serve as part of the Australian Imperial Force. The regiment saw action at Gallipoli in 1915 but suffered such terrible losses that it had to be evacuated. Converted to mounted infantry, the regiment saw service in the Middle East for the remainder of the war. Following its return to Australia, the 10th Light Horse Regiment was disbanded. However, in order to perpetuate the traditions and distinctions of the Australian Imperial Force, it was decided that CMF units would be redesignated with the unit numbers of the AIF. As such, the 25th Light Horse Regiment (Western Australia Mounted Infantry) was renamed the 10th Light Horse Regiment from October 1918.

During World War II, the regiment underwent several name changes in order to show its varying roles. In 1943, it was added to the Australian Imperial Force, but did not see service overseas. Instead, its main task was the defence of south-west Australia. During this period, the regiment was also partially mechanised, although it did retain horses which were used to patrol the coastline. Although the regiment was disbanded in 1944, it was reformed as a single squadron in 1949, when it became fully mechanised and was renamed the 10th Western Australian Mounted Infantry. Expanded to a full regiment in 1952, it was again renamed as the 10th Light Horse in 1956, before being reduced to a single squadron again in 1976. The regiment is equipped with the M113 vehicle and serves with 13 Brigade in the armoured reconnaissance role.

In 2006, the regiment converted to a Light Cavalry role with the unit being equipped with 4×4 Land Rover patrol vehicles.