Condition: Very Good

Comments: Worn by the Royal Australian Army Educational Corps post 1960 on battledress uniform. 

The Royal Australian Army Educational Corps (RAAEC) is a specialist corps within the Australian Army. The RAAEC was established in September 1949 as the Australian Army Educational Corps, and was granted Royal assent in 1960. Consisting of the Crown and a boomerang upon which the corps’ initials are inscribed superimposed over a “fluted flambeau of flames”, the current RAAEC corps badge was adopted in 1964.

The corps grew out of the Australian Army Education Service, which was established on 29 October 1943, under the command of Colonel Robert Madgwick. Currently, it is made up entirely of commissioned officers in the specialist service officer/professionally qualified stream. The majority of the corps’ personnel are civil qualified teachers; however, additional IT specialists have been laterally recruited to manage the computer-based learning packages within the Training Technology Centre. The RAAEC is responsible for many educational areas of military training, including the development and implementation of technology and communications training at the Royal Military College, Duntroon and the Australian Defence Force Academy, managing and conducting long-distance education, teaching English to foreign students, analysing education proposals, and delivering literacy and numeracy programs to non commissioned officers.