Description: Battledress Flash – ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ARMY MEDICAL CORPS

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Worn by the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) up to 1960 on battledress uniform.

The Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) is the branch of the Australian Army responsible for providing medical care to Army personnel. The AAMC was formed in 1902 and has participated in every Australian Army operation. The “Royal” prefix was granted in 1948.

The Australian Army Medical Corps was formed on 1 July 1902 by combining the medical services of the Colonial armies. The Corps’ first deployment was to the Second Boer War, where it provided a field hospital and a stretcher bearer company. The Corps has seen service during all subsequent Australian Army deployments, including wars, peacekeeping missions and exercises. The “Royal” prefix was granted in 1948.

Today the administration and command of the RAAMC is vested in the Director-General, who is responsible to the General Officer Commanding for the drill, discipline, efficiency, and statistics of the Medical Service. The Director-General is also responsible for the supply of medical and surgical field equipment, ambulance, and field transport, and that it is adequate and in good order, as far as funds at his disposal will permit.