Description: Button – Australian Army – 47th Battalion (The Wide Bay Regiment) (1953-60) (Small) – Single Button.

Maker’s Name: Stokes

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Button – Australian Army – 47th Battalion (The Wide Bay Regiment) (1953-60) (Small).

Following the war, Australia’s part time military force was re-raised in 1948 under the title of the Citizens Military Force. Around this time the 47th Battalion was re-formed with its headquarters around Maryborough. In 1960, when the Australian Army introduced the Pentropic divisional establishment, the 47th Battalion became a company-sized element of the 1st Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, known as ‘D’ Company (The Wide Bay Company). In 1965 the Army abandoned the Pentropic system and re-organised the units of the CMF in an effort to return to some of the traditional battalion identities. As a part of this, ‘D’ Company, 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment was formed from the Wide Bay Company.