Description: CANADA -The Halifax Rifles- Whitemetal Opposing Collar Badge Pair – World War 2

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Comments: CANADA -The Halifax Rifles- Whitemetal Opposing Collar Badge Pair – World War 2 Complete with two lugs.

The regiment was raised 14 May 1860 as the Halifax Volunteer Battalion and later became the Halifax Volunteer Battalion of Rifles on 28 May 1869. Later, on 5 November 1869, they were redesignated the 63rd The Halifax Battalion of Rifles. It was redesignated the 63rd Halifax Battalion of Rifles in December 1869 and authorized as the 63rd Regiment (Halifax Rifles) on 8 May 1900.

During the First World War, the regiment contributed volunteers to the 14th Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment), CEF, on its formation in September 1914 and then later raised the 40th (Nova Scotia) Battalion, CEF.

During the Second World War, 1939–1945, the regiment was placed on local protective duty in Canada. It was later sent to England, where the regiment was broken up to provide reinforcements for other regiments.

On 1 April 1946, the regiment was redesignated the 23rd Armoured Regiment (Halifax Rifles), then The Halifax Rifles (23rd Armoured Regiment) on 4 February 1949. It received its final designation on 19 May 1958. The regiment served in Halifax until reduced to nil establishment in on 31 March 1965.

The regiment was reactivated on May 10, 2009, as a reserve force unit performing the role of armoured reconnaissance. It is the first and so far only regiment to be reactivated from the Supplementary Order of Battle.