Description: Colour Patch – 6th Battalion (The City of Melbourne Regiment).

Condition: Very Good/Near Mint

Comments: Colour Patch – 6th Battalion (The City of Melbourne Regiment). Full size. Now a scarce and highly desirable colour patch.

At the outset of the Second World War, due to the provisions of the Defence Act (1903) which prohibited sending the Militia to fight outside of Australian territory, the decision was made to raise an all volunteer force to serve overseas—initial operations were conceived to be likely in the Middle East, France and later possibly England—while it was decided that the Militia would be used to defend the Australian mainland and to improve Australia’s overall level of readiness through the reinstitution of compulsory military service and extended periods of continuous periods of training.

During this time the 6th Battalion was called up for a number periods of continuous service in order to bolster their readiness and undertook garrison duties in Australia. In 1944, however, the decision was made to disband the unit as the Australian government sought to reallocate resources to the economy and began the demobilisation process early. Later, in January 1945, the battalion’s parent unit, the 2nd Brigade was also disbanded.

Reference: KG 924