Description: Colour Patch – Headquarters – 13th Australian Infantry Brigade.

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Colour Patch – Headquarters – 13th Australian Infantry Brigade.

The 13th Brigade was first created in early 1916 and has been recreated multiple times since. Following the evacuation of Gallipoli in December 1915 a decision was made to create three additional Australian divisions. It was decided that half of each of the battalions of the first four brigades would be used as the nucleus of the new battalions to be formed. The 3rd Infantry Brigade was divided as follows to form the 13th Infantry Brigade, 4th Australian Division. The 13th Brigade sailed from Alexandria for France on 30 March 1916 and by 20 May 1916, was established in a sector of the line at Petillon, France. The 13th Brigade is best known for their actions in retaking Villers-Bretonneux during the Second Battle of the Somme. Following the end of the war the battalion of 13th Brigade where returned home and disbanded.

The brigade was reformed in 1939 in response to the outbreak of the Second World War, up until 1942 the brigade was practically the only army unit in place to protect the Western Australian coastline from the feared Japanese invasion.

Reference: KG 804