Description: Colour patch – Melbourne University Regiment

Condition: Mint

Comments: Colour patch – Melbourne University Regiment.

Reference: INF0161

Melbourne University Regiment is a direct command training unit of 4th Brigade and as part of the 2nd Division, responsible for training of Army Reserve officer cadets and other ranks.
Melbourne University Regiment (MUR) traces its origins to 1884 as D Company, 4th Battalion of the Victorian Rifles, at which time it was known as the University Company. General Sir John Monash was a Colour Sergeant of this unit before taking a commission in the colonial and later Commonwealth militia. 
The unit became the Melbourne University Rifles in 1910, providing military training for members of Melbourne University and the public schools of Melbourne and Geelong. 
As a University Regiment the unit did not deploy with the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) in either of the world wars and, as such, it carries no battle honours on its Colours. However, many officers and soldiers of AIF units had received their initial military training or commissions with the Melbourne University Rifles. 
In the post-war structure of the Australian Army, the University Rifles was reformed as the present MUR, officially raised on April 1948. 
Currently, MUR is a unit of 4th Brigade, located at Simpson Barracks, Watsonia, in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 
The motto of Melbourne University Regiment is ‘Postera crescam laude’, which is Latin for ‘Later I shall grow by praise’.