Description: Colour patch – Monash University Regiment

Condition: Mint

Comments: Colour patch – Monash University Regiment.

Reference: TRG2038

The Monash University Regiment was an officer training regiment of the Australian Army, based in Victoria near Monash University. It was a direct command training unit of the 4th Brigade, and part of the 2nd Division, it was responsible for training of ARes officer cadets (OCDTs) for graduation as lieutenants, and provided driver training and promotion courses for junior non commissioned officers.
The regiment was named in honour of General Sir John Monash, one of Australia’s most famous soldiers and arguably one of the most effective commanders on the Western Front during World War I.
The regiment, which is known as MONUR, traces its origins back to 23 April 1966, when Monash University Company was formed as a detachment of MUR. On 23 February 1970 it ceased to be the Monash University Company of MUR, and became a regiment in its own right. As a training unit, MONUR does not carry any battle honours on its Colours which are laid up in the Religious Centre on the Clayton campus of Monash University. However, past and present members of the unit have been involved in every major Australian deployment since 1966 with a large number of members assisting in natural disaster relief, including the Black Saturday bushfires.
Since its formation the Regiment enjoyed a loose association with Monash University, with a majority of officer cadets also studying at the university. This relationship has not always proved an easy one, especially during the Vietnam War-era when Monash University’s Clayton campus was a hotbed of student activism.
In 2013, MONUR was amalgamated with Melbourne University Regiment under Plan Beesheba.