Description: Commando Companies – Bi-Metal Collar Badge Pair 1953 – 60

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Condition: Very Good

Comments: Commando Companies – Bi-Metal Collar Badge Pair 1953 – 60. Complete with two lugs. Now a scarce and highly collectible hat badge. Worn by the 1st and 2nd Commando Companies.

The term Commando is derived from the South African/Dutch word used by the Boers identifying their irregular sized raiding forces employed against the British during the South African Wars. The term commando was adapted by newly formed British raiding forces during World War 2, and the name was subsequently used by Australian units raised to fight in the Pacific.

These centered around the Independent Companies and M Special Unit and Z Special Unit. 2 Commando Company was raised in Vic on 24 February 1955. 1 Commando Company were raised in NSW on 25 June 1955. Both functioned independently of each other until the forming of the 1st Commando Regiment on 1 February 1981.