Description: Lanyard – Australian Army – 2nd/17th Battalion (Royal New South Wales Regiment)

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Lanyard – Australian Army – 2nd/17th Battalion (Royal New South Wales Regiment). Worn on polyester uniform and battledress by 2/17 RNSWR soldiers.

The 2nd/17th Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment (2/17 RNSWR) is a reserve infantry battalion of the Australian Army. Currently part of the 8th Brigade, attached to the 2nd Division, the unit currently consists of a headquarters and four rifle companies spread out across a number of depots throughout the state of New South Wales. The unit was formed in 1987, following a reorganisation of the Australian Army Reserve which saw the amalgamation of a number of Reserve units across Australia. Through the 2nd Battalion and the 17th Battalion, the unit can trace its lineage back to 1860 and today it carries battle honours from both of these units, as well as the units of the Second Australian Imperial Force which fought during World War II.

The 2nd/17th Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment was formed on 5 December 1987 when the 2nd and 17th Battalions were amalgamated during a ceremony held at Newcastle, New South Wales. This was part of a re-organisation of the Royal New South Wales Regiment that took place at the time, which saw two battalions in each brigade linked in order to respond to the declining size of a number of units.

Upon formation, the battalion was assigned to the 8th Brigade, and allocated a recruitment area that stretched from the centre of Sydney to the New South Wales Central Coast. At this time also, the battalion adopted the battle honours and traditions of its predecessor units, perpetuating a lineage that can be traced as far back as 1860, and includes active service in the Mahdist War, the Boer War, World War I and World War II.