Description: Lanyard – Australian Army – 4th/3rd Battalion (Royal New South Wales Regiment) – Scarlet/Rifle Green

Condition: Very Good

Comments: 4th/3rd Battalion (Royal New South Wales Regiment). Worn on polyester uniform and battledress by 4/3 RNSWR soldiers.

4th/3rd Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment (4/3 RNSWR) is a Reserve light infantry battalion of the Australian Army. 4/3 RNSWR has been deployed on active service on many peacekeeping operations and exercises within Australia and around the world. The Battalion is currently based at Sutherland, New South Wales where it forms part of the 5th Brigade.

The 1987 reorganisation of the Army Reserve, involving a reduction in the number of infantry battalions across Australia, brought about a linking of the 3rd and 4th Battalions, and a public ceremony on 26 September of that year marked the presence of the new 4/3 RNSWR.

Also worn by the Australian Army Band Corps (AABC).