Description: Monash University Regiment (MONASH) – Shoulder Title

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Comments: Monash University Regiment (MONASH) – Shoulder Title – Anodised.

The Monash University Regiment is a reserve officer training regiment of the Australian Army, based in Victoria near Monash University. It is a part of the 2nd Division’s 4th Brigade. The Regiment is associated with the university, but this proved to be a difficult relationship during the Vietnam War-era when Monash University’s Clayton campus was a hotbed of student activism.

The regiment is named in honour of General Sir John Monash, one of Australia’s most famous soldiers and arguably one of the most effective commanders on the Western Front during World War I.

The regiment, which is known as MONUR (not to be confused with MUR which is Melbourne University Regiment), traces its origins back to 8 March 1966, when Monash University Company was formed as a detachment of MUR.

On 23 February 1970 it ceased to be the Monash University Company of MUR, and became its own regiment. MONUR recently celebrated its 39th birthday.

The Regiment is structured into a Regimental (Battalion) Headquarters and two sub-units: Cadet Company and Logistic Support Company. Cadet Company contains all the Staff Cadets, who are completing the Part Time General Service Officer First Appointment Course (PT GSO FAC) to become commissioned officers in the Australian Army. Cadet Company also contains a number of SCDTs who are part of the Officer Tertiary Recruitment Scheme (OTRS) which involves training at the Regiment while completing a university degree, then being posted to the Royal Military College of Australia’s full-time facility at Duntroon (RMC-D) in Canberra to complete the GSO FAC on a full-time basis. A return of service obligation of four years exists for this scheme, but does not apply for reservists.

Monash University Regiment sends approximately 10 people to RMC-D each year to complete the PT GSO FAC, graduates of which are commissioned as Lieutenants before being allocated to their Corps and posted to their first unit.

The Logistic Support Company provides training and logistic support to Cadet Company. Logistic Support Company consists of a catering cell, a rifle section, Q store, a transport section, and administration cell.