Description: 6th Hauraki Regiment brass hat badge – World War 1

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: 6th Hauraki Regiment hat badge – World War 1. Complete with two lugs.

The Hauraki Regiment is a Territorial Force unit of the New Zealand Army. The regiment is unique among the TF units in that it has never been amalgamated, and thus can trace its history directly back to its formation in 1898. The regiment was formed as the 2nd (Hauraki) Battalion, Auckland Rifle Volunteers. Men of the Hauraki Regiment served during the First World War with the various Auckland Regiments, and with the 18th, 21st, 24th and 29th Battalions of the NZEF in the Second World War.

With the reorganisation of the army in 1964, the regiment become a TF battalion of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. This was until the later reorganisation of 1999, which saw the TF battalions split from the RNZIR to become multi-function battalion groups. The Hauraki Regiment became the 6th Hauraki Battalion Group.