Description: New Zealand Intelligence Corps hat badge

Maker’s Name: Mayer & Toye, Wellington

Condition: Very Good

Comments: New Zealand Intelligence Corps hat badge . Complete with two lugs.

The New Zealand Intelligence Corps (NZIC) analyses information from a variety of sources and provides commanders with intelligence on such things as enemy locations, capabilities and intentions. Corps personnel also provide advice on Field Security on operations.
The NZIC is one of the smallest corps in the New Zealand Army. It was formed in 1942, apparently disbanded in 1947, and reformed in 1985. It has both regular and territorial members.
The NZIC school is known as the School of Military Intelligence and Security currently located in Palmerston North.
The NZIC has followed the British Army Intelligence Corps tradition in the selection of dress embellishments. The NZIC motto is “Forewarned is Forearmed”.
Up until approximately 2008, soldiers ‘corps changed’ into the New Zealand Intelligence Corps mainly from the two regular battalions, 1 RNZIR and 2/1 RNZIR, where they had often had previously served in the battalions’ intelligence sections. In mid-2008 the NZIC started to accept Direct Entrants (DEs) straight from civilian street, via basic training.
Once trained, the new members of the NZIC can find a number of positions within the New Zealand Army, mainly in the disparate headquarters. The largest dedicated sub-unit within the NZIC is 1 (NZ) Military Intelligence Company (formerly the Force Intelligence Group) (1 (NZ) MI Coy) which is currently based in Trentham Military Camp.
The Corps Association is known as Sub Rosa and has a mix of both current and retired members that have served within intelligence positions.