Description: Officer Cadet School (Portsea) Bi-metal Hat Badge 1953-60

Maker’s Name: Stokes, Melb

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Officer Cadet School (Portsea) Bi-metal Hat Badge 1953-60. Lugs have been replaced with a single pin for easy attachment to hat.

The Officer Cadet School, Portsea (sometimes referred to as OCS Portsea) was an officer training establishment of the Australian Army. Established at Portsea in Victoria, Australia, in 1951 to provide training to officer cadets prior to commissioning, for many years OCS provided the Australian Regular Army with the bulk of its junior officers. However, following a review of military training establishments in Australia in the mid-1980s, the school was eventually closed in 1985.

The motto of OCS Portsea was Loyalty and Service, which was chosen by Colonel (later Major General Sir) James Harrison during his time serving as OCS’s first Commandant (1952–54).