Description: Officer Training Unit, Scheyville – Hat badge 1965 to 1973.

Maker’s Name: Swann & Hudson

Condition: Near Mint

Comments: Officer Training Unit, Scheyville hat badge 1965 to 1973 – Anodised hat badge complete with 3 pins.

The Officer Training Unit, Scheyville (OTU Scheyville) was an officer training establishment of the Australian Army. It was opened in April 1965 to train officer cadets that had been called up for service under the national service scheme and offered a short, but rigorous commissioning course for trainees, tailored to meet the Army’s need to increase the number of junior officers being produced in order to meet commitments to train national servicemen, and to provide platoon commanders for units serving overseas in Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia. It was closed down in 1973 after the national service scheme was abolished in December 1972.