Description: RAAOC – Conductor (WO1) – Khaki

Condition: Mint

Comments: Khaki (Service Dress) –  Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps – Conductor’s cloth trade patch.

In July 2005, CA approved the re-introduction of conductors within selected employment categories among RAAOC WO1s.

The appointment of conductor has its origins in the British Army with the first recorded use of the appointment in 1311. The conductor was responsible for conveying troops and equipment from place to place.

Within the Australian Army, conductors were employed in the First and Second AIF to undertake liaison for deployed Australian brigades.

The appointment of conductor lapsed following Army reorganisation in the late 1940s. Since the 1960s ordnance liaison warrant officers have assumed some of the responsibilities of the RAAOC conductor.

A scarce patch.