Description: RAN – Parachute Wing – Special Duties – Miniature Mess Dress Version.

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: RAN – Parachute Wing – Special Duties (Miniature).

This Navy Parachutist qualification is known as the “Special Duties” Parachute wing and was awarded to Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers who had completed Australian Special Air Service Regiment selection and training prior to becoming part of the SAS counter terrorist squadron in the 1990’s. These were mainly clearance divers from the Western Australian based Clearance Diving Team 4 – Special Duties Unit (CDT 4 SDU) and were used as part of the water operations capability of the CT squadron (TAG).

The badge was authorised for wear in 1994 at about the same time that it was decided that the requirement for Navy CD’s to form part of the CT squadron was no longer required, so the wings became obsolete almost immediately upon approval as no new divers were undertaking the SAS selection and training to serve with the TAG.

Non SAS qualified Navy Divers who are parachute qualified continued to wear the standard metal navy para wings.

Since the mid 2000’s RAN clearance divers have become an integral part of the East coast based Counter Terrorist squadron known as TAG-E and drawn mainly from Special Forces operators from the 2nd Commando Regiment.