Description: RAN Tally Band – HMAS ANZAC – circa 1950s

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Royal Australian Navy – Tally Band – HMAS ANZAC.

HMAS Anzac (D59) was a Battle class destroyer of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, the destroyer was commissioned in 1951. The ship served on two tours of duty during the Korean War, and attempts to distinguish herself from British ships led to the practice of red kangaroo symbols on Australian warships. During 1956, Anzac served during the Malayan Emergency.

In 1960, a malfunction in the destroyer’s gun direction equipment caused Anzac to fire directly on sister ship HMAS Tobruk during a gunnery exercise, with Tobruk left unrepairable. In 1963, the destroyer was reclassified as a training vessel. Anzac remained in service until 1974, and was sold for breaking a year later.