Description: Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) – Hat Badge – 1st Pattern

Maker’s Name: Platatac

Condition: Mint

Comments: Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) – Hat Badge. Newly issued hat badge issued in 2014.

The Special Operations Logistic Squadron (SOLS) provides close and general logistic support to all units within Special Operations Command Australia (SOCOMD).
Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) was originally established as the Special Operations Combat Service Support Company (SOCSSC) in July 2003, as part of the newly created SOCOMD, to provide second and selected third line support to Australian Special Operations Units. The unit was re-named as the Special Operations Logistic Squadron in 2007. 
SOLS is a Squadron sized element of Logisticians, responsible for providing diverse logistic support to SOCOMD in all theatres of operations, around the world. SOLS is the only independent logistic Squadron within SOCOMD and the only independent logistic Squadron within the Australian Army.