Description: Sydney University Regiment – Collar Badge Pair – Current Issue.

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Comments: Sydney University Regiment – Collar Badge Pair.

Sydney University Regiment is an officer training regiment of the Australian Army Reserve. It can trace its lineage back to 1900 when the University Volunteer Rifle Corps was raised as a unit of the colonial New South Wales Defence Force. Over time this unit has undergone a number of name and role changes. Although it was not deployed during World War I a large number of its members volunteered for overseas service with the Australian Imperial Force.

National Service (conscription) was introduced by the Menzies Government in November 1964 and operated until December 1972. During this period the Regiment provided an alternate form of military service for students attending university. SUR during this period consisted of four rifle companies, a recruit training company as well as an HQ and Support company. Support company provided mortar, signal, pioneer and transport platoons.

This period also coincided with the growth of student activism and in particular protests against conscription and the Vietnam War. In May 1969 protesting students confronted a guard of honour for Sir Roden Cutler VC who, as well as being Governor of NSW, was honorary colonel of the Regiment.