Description: Thorneycroft Mounted Infantry (TMI) – Unofficial Brass Shoulder Title – Boer War

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: Thorneycroft Mounted Infantry (TMI) – Unofficial Brass Shoulder Title – Boer War.

An original well made brass locally made Boer War period slouch hat badge with two original brass loop fittings to the reverse. In very good condition.
Major Alexander Thorneycroft of the Royal Scots Fusiliers was asked to form a mounted corps in November 1899. The unit which would bear his name would be known as one of the finest irregular mounted units raised during the Boer War. 
Formed in Natal Colony at the height of the Boer advance, it was sent to the Tugela front to assist in the relief of the siege of Ladysmith. It fought in all the battles along that front including the infamous struggle for Spion Kop in January 1900 which cost the unit over 80 casualties. It participated in the relief of Ladysmith and in driving the Boers out of Natal. 
The T.M.I attracted volunteers from a large number of countries; over 1600 men passed through its ranks.Over 200 Australians served in the T.M.I and over 25 New Zealanders, and even a dozen Americans. Most were from Britain and the South African Colonies of Natal and the Cape. The unit was to have 200+ casualties.