Description: University of New South Wales Regiment – Hat Badge (with Bayonets) – (aluminium colour)

Maker’s Name: N/A

Condition: Very Good

Comments: University of New South Wales Regiment – Hat Badge – Anodised – Complete with 2 pins (aluminium colour).

Early version with bayonets.

The origins of the University of New South Wales Regiment (UNSWR) lie in a request from the (original) the New South Wales University of Technology (UT). This establishment was founded in 1948 and was sensitive at the time to the standing it had in relation to the long founded historic traditions of Sydney University. UT staff saw the Sydney University Regiment (SUR) as a great adjunct to that university and believed a similar unit would be beneficial and prestigious for the University of Technology. With the reintroduction of National Service during the Korean War came deferment problems for university students. This environment eventually led to the formation of University of Technology Regiment (UTR), and renamed the University of New South Wales Regiment (UNSWR) when the University changed it’s name (in 1958). Army Headquarters approval to form the unit was granted in July 1951. The Regiment celebrated its first birthday on 1 February 1952.

For most of its history, UNSWR has had two main roles: to commission officers for service in the ARES, and to provide military training for University students. In 1989, the role of UNSWR was changed to one of producing officers for the General Reserve (GRES) and in 1991 (as part of the University Regiment Review) the establishment was changed to reflect that role.